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Inventory Liquidation Specialists
Turn Your Dead Inventory Into Cash

              Do you have outdated, un-sellable or unwanted merchandise?
              Is this excess inventory taking up valuable space in your warehouse?
              Does this inventory fall into the category of
consumer products?
                      If so . . . Would you like to sell your inventory for

If the above scenario fits your situation, you've come to the right place. We are buyers of excess inventory that is not moving and only costing money to keep.
We buy whole warehouses of dead inventory, small lots of high value items too.

Many do not like the idea of liquidating their dead inventory. That is probably why
they are sitting on inventory that's costing them money. Liquidation is a good
business practice that puts money back to work. If the stock is dead so are
the funds that purchased and warehoused it.

The issue is how little liquidators offer for merchandise. Due to the nature of dead inventory, liquidators must often buy for less than cost and resell under wholesale just to find buyers. We understand your pain, but that doesn't change the financial reality of the situation. If the inventory wasn't dead to the market you could sell it yourself without our help.

Liquidate of your excess inventory and free up cash, free up space in the
warehouse and in your head. We  know  how stressful it is to hang on to product that is not moving. Liquidation is the only way to move on and focus on more important things.

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We'll put you back on track.



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